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Tired of being pushed around, Lori wanted muscles, bigger and stronger than anyone. Hollywood hottest sex. Can't read the text above? Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Female muscle stories. Only for people with very strong stomachs. Peter's Fantasies, a writer trying to fulfil various different fight fantasies with his stories. Full american dad episodes free online. And all the old newsletters are available too, so you can see how the web site developed.

September 04, , Counselor writes about normal women and men who must deal with the fact that women are sometimes stronger. FemMuscle-Stories Stories featuring female muscle!

If you wish to become an admin, please send me a note and tell me why you think you're a good fit for the position. The men seem to be rather smaller and lighter than the average; perhaps half the size of the women. Loads of female physical superiority here, and no matter what type of sexy Amazon girl you like, this story has it ALL!

Some deal with fetishes, some are vengeful, and yet others are love stories.

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Shannon heard Adele gulp as Jenny turned around, smiling like a mischievous little girl. Www telugu xnxx. I keep getting an error when I try to save part 2 of one of my stories. She knew the machine had no chance against Jenny's almost demonic strength. Six tons of metal plates 50 times denser than steel kept steadily rising as though they were party balloons, turning, bending and groaning until she spread her arms in one final harsh movement that broke the bar in two.

This sudden acrobatic manoeuvre stunned Shannon a bit. Female muscle stories. Instead, she had the duty of redressing his arm for the fourth time in the past two weeks. She held her other arm out to the side and raised and lowered her forearm.

It is in my opinion, one of my stories most heavily driven by character development. August 30, , Her stomach was flat, with vague lines hinting on some abdominal development. Edie falco ass. The response to her question was delivered right away as her third flex did exactly that. She wanted it all decided to drink the whole bottle. All of the following stories prominently feature height growth to some degree: As soon as Jenny noticed this, after several dozens of ton repetitions that were as perfectly executed as always, she released the bar and placed her hands behind her head, moaning louder than ever.

I have watched a fair amount of DC material, and read hundreds of comic books.

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This is due to geocities technical work, nothing that I can do about that. Something strange made her search for her own reflection, past the 3 supergirls before her. The 4 girls gasped for air and sweated profusely just by looking at her, embracing each other just to keep themselves from jumping on Jenny and distract her from her titanic workout. Feedback as always please!! July 08, , Annie was a sweet and confident yet super strong girl, whatever it was that had her nervous, it was worth a look.

Admiring her ultra-peak as it rose past her own fist. This sudden acrobatic manoeuvre stunned Shannon a bit. Female muscle stories. Adele shuddered and gasped, trying not to turn around. Were those knuckle imprints?! Shannon wondered how Jenny could admire her, when she thought that she could lure more ships intro crashing than the Greek sirens would. Bigg ass xvideos. Shannon took a while to get back up.

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