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But I can understand how others would. Playing footsie under the table. I gave the guy I'm dating a pair of my underwear the second time we hooked up. The smell of panties. Is it not supposed to be? I used to leave my underwear at someone's house specifically so that he could smell them when I wasn't around. Just have a little make-up bag filled with them by your desk and change them when you go to the bathroom.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 13, I mean, that might be a slightly creepy prospect for some women, right? Is zeak a leak in the room???????? Wow I didn't thought there were so many people like me!!!! I've got a pretty heavy panty fetish, but I've never understood the fascination with smelling used underwear.

If he was ashamed of his kink, wouldn't it be nice for you to reassure him and help him feel better about it? I did it with a friend's mom's panties when I was in school. Alexandra dadario sexy. Do not try to "fix" the natural scent of your vagina. Trying to stop it would likely damage your relationship.

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While infections like these are easily treatable, they usually don't just go away without the help of antibiotics, Dr. Shia lebouf nympho. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 13, go to album. Uma Jolie , find more in our Pornstars index. One probable cause would be that the odor is dependent on the fabric material of the underwear.

But dont do this things. The smell of panties. I am just a titillated. I've seen him sniff them when I take them off and it gives him an erection, is this a strange fetish or is it more common than I think?

I try to respect all these hoes and shit. Since i was like I think that's a bit much but to each their own Hi To Me Is zeak a leak in the room???????? U mean you didnt take it back as souvenir after taking a sniff??? My boyfriend does the same thing too.

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Whenever I'm at my friends house I go into his sisters bedroom and grab her used panties. My cousin abit lik this also but er More than a few hours of any other fabric long enough, fortunately, to go on a hot date and then get into someone's pants, enabling me to get out of mine is just asking for trouble.

I've noticed that when I wear certain underwear, i have an issue with odorous vaginal discharge that isn't normally a problem. Why do my undies smell? I once met a guy in a bar who said how he sold his socks and used underwear to a guy he met online for cash but he never had to meet the guy in person as he would either mail them or drop them off in a local place in a bag and the guy would pick them up.

Buy some new panties but do not take others. Lmao I cant say that ive sniffed a females panties before. Is it a serious trespass though?.. The smell of panties. It can be diagnosed really easily with a swab at your gyno's. Dudes, you are not the only one who stick your hand down your pants in a non-sexual way while you're watching TV. Harford county sluts. It's not smelled like this before.

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